Criss Angel breaks ticket sales record with his new show ‘The Supernaturalists’

During the week of July 25, 2015, world renowned magician Criss Angel has a major milestone to celebrate. He announced to his fans and followers that his latest magic show, “The Supernaturalists,” has set a new record thanks to its commercial success with ticket sales. It took place at The Fox Theater at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Angel served as the creator, executive producer and director of “The Supernaturalists,” which was well-received by Examiner.

On its official Facebook page, it was revealed that “The Supernaturalists” sold over 40,000 tickets, and it is subsequently the “most successful ensemble magic show premiere in history.” The line-up of magicians includes illusionist Landon Swank, the “femme fatale”female magician Krystyn Lambert, mentalist Banachek, American escape artist Spencer Horsman, French manipulator Stefan Vanel, Spanish street magician Adrian Vega, dog conjuror Johnny Dominguez, as well as Angel’s assistants from his “Believe” shows at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas: “The Great Maestro” and “Fifi.”

This all-star cast of magicians performed some of Angel’s most impressive illusions such as a levitation and “Enigma” conducted by Swank, the “metamorphosis” (featuring Lambert and Horsman) and “Submerged” by Horsman, as well as close-up magic (done by Vega), a dog conjuring act by Dominguez, a mind-reading exercise and predictions by Banacheck, card manipulation tricks by Vanel, among many others. “The Great Maestro” and “Fifi” provided comedic relief throughout the different tricks and demonstrations. For more information on Criss Angel’s newest production, “The Supernaturalists,” be sure to check out its official website.