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Criss Angel aims to enchant and delight with ‘The Supernaturalists’

By Robin Leach (contact)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 | 4 p.m.
Criss Angel The Supernaturalists
Landon Swank
Criss Angel Walk on Water

“Mindfreak” magician Criss Angel is about to make new magic by appearing in two casinos 2,500 miles apart simultaneously for his new show “The Supernaturalists.” It premieres June 23 at Foxwoods resort in Connecticut with a four-week run before setting out on a national and world tour.

Criss has signed up nine mind-blowing illusionists to destroy reality and revolutionize the live magic ensemble experience.

“My goal is to redefine magic touring like Cirque du Soleil did for the circus. Our lineup is truly historic with not only original illusions but also revolutionary ones. I scoured the globe for the very best performers each in their respected disciplines.”

His unprecedented world-class cast includes illusionist Landon Swank, who moved to Las Vegas after high school from his Alaska home to pursue the dream of magic. He was featured on 10 episodes of “America’s Got Talent” before reaching the finals.

Criss also has picked the femme fatale of legerdemain, Krystyn Lambert, who appeared with him in Cirque’s “Believe” at Luxor and 10 episodes of the A&E series “Believe” now seen in 103 countries. The Amazing Johnathan’s zany, decade-long foil Fifi, aka The Joker, also is on the tour.

Other magicians include South African mentalist Banachek, escape artist Spencer Horsman, card manipulator Stefan Vanel from “Crazy Horse Paris” formerly at MGM Grand, street magician Adrian Vega from Spain and Colombia’s dog conjuror Johnny Dominguez.

“Believe” co-star The Great Maestro from Mexico, who has appeared with Criss in more than 2,500 performances at Luxor and on “Mindfreak,” also will do double duty. He’ll continue with his hilarious appearances in “Believe” 10 times a week at Luxor and using teleportation will perform on tour in “The Supernaturalists.”

How will Criss juggle “Believe” at Luxor and “The Supernaturalists”?

“I am overseeing every detail and will personally be part of each performance via live video feed from Las Vegas. But I will also make surprise, random personal appearances. My name and reputation are on the line in my promise that ‘The Supernaturalists’ will amuse, amaze, surprise, enchant and delight everybody who comes.”

Criss celebrates the seventh anniversary of “Believe” on Halloween at the Luxor, which is performed Wednesdays through Sundays with eight to 10 shows per week. With more than 2,500 performances, Criss has the top-selling magic show in the world. His “Walk on Water” YouTube clip with more than 50 million has made him the most-watched magician in online history.

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” fame has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past 15 years giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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Criss Angel’s The Supernaturalists coming to Foxwoods

By: Brittany Frederick AXS Contributor Jun 15, 2015

Criss Angel‘s newest production, The Supernaturalists, is set to take over the Fox Theatre at Foxwoods Resort Casino from June 25 to July 23. Announced last Halloween, the ensemble piece features nine of the best magicians from around the world, and will have its four-week premiere residency in Connecticut before expanding to a planned national and then world tour.

The Supernaturalists shines a spotlight on a collective of talented performers, many of whom will already be recognizable to magic fans around the world. There are two veterans of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” in illusionist Landon Swank (who was one of the top ten artists in season six) and escape artist Spencer Horsman (who was a wild card selection in season seven).

Four other faces are veteran members of Angel’s ensemble, who have been featured both in his live shows and television projects. There’s menalist Banachek, who’s been astounding audiences with the power of his mind for decades, as well as one of the best up and coming female magicians in Krystyn Lambert, and a humorous element in The Great Maestro and his assistant FiFi, who have spent years as a supporting part of Angel’s live show at Luxor Hotel & Casino, “Criss Angel BeLIEve.”

They’ll be joined by French magician Stefan Vanel, Spanish close-up magic expert Adrian Vega, and animal showman Johnny Dominguez (who was featured with his family in Angel’s earlier variety show, “MagicJAM,” as were Banachek and Lambert).

In addition to the core cast, Angel himself will join each Supernaturalists performance via live video feed from Las Vegas, and has teased that he’ll make select, surprise appearances in person – so you never know when you might see the Magician of the Century.

But aside from his own phenomenal ability, something else Angel has always been good at is discerning and assembling talent. The Supernaturalists doesn’t need to lean on his reputation to draw an audience; the cast has a diverse array of specializations that will expose audiences to the complete, wide range of what magic entails. Whether it’s the stage illusions that theatergoers commonly associate with the art, or the intricacies of things like close-up magic and mentalism, or more light-hearted material, everything is somewhere in this ensemble.

It’s also remarkable for its choice of venue, broadening the reach of this talented group of people. Mostly when people think of magic, they think of Vegas, and now East Coast audiences have a four-week opportunity to be exposed to some of the most dynamic performers from around the world. It’s not just putting on a great show, but also raising awareness of the art form and those who have mastered it. No matter how much magic you’ve seen, you haven’t seen it like this.

Ticket prices for The Supernaturalists range from $35 to $75, and tickets for all of their Foxwoods performances are on sale now. To get yours and for a complete show schedule, visit the venue’s website.

For more on The Supernaturalists, visit their official website.

Q+A: Criss Angel premieres third magic show ‘The Supernaturalists’

By Robin Leach (contact)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 | 11:59 p.m.
‘The Supernaturalists’ By Criss Angel

Not content with the success of his Cirque du Soleil show “Believe” at the Luxor and not busy enough with his traveling “Mindfreak Live Tour” that he performs when on a break from Las Vegas, extraordinary magician and illusionist Criss Angel is launching a third production, “The Supernaturalists,” starting Thursday.

His cast includes Las Vegas illusionist Landon Swank; Las Vegas resident and mentalist Banachek; Krystyn Lambert, who starred in “Believe” and was on his “Mindfreak” and “Believe” TV series; escape artist Spencer Horsman; card manipulator Stefan Vanel, who appeared in “Crazy Horse Paris” at MGM Grand; Spanish street magician Adrian Vega; dog conjurer Johnny Dominguez from Colombia; and his “Believe” co-star jokers Mexico’s the Great Maestro and show-stopping magic assistant Fifi, who was The Amazing Johnathan’s foil for a decade.

Incredibly, Criss, Maestro and Fifi will continue to appear in “Believe” at the Luxor and simultaneously appear in “The Supernaturalists.” The world premiere is Thursday night at Foxwoods casino resort in Connecticut for a four-week run in advance of a U.S. and international tour. Criss is there for the premiere and will stay through Monday before returning to Las Vegas next week. Former Luxor President Felix Rappaport is the head honcho at Foxwoods.

I asked Criss why he decided on a third show when he’s already working around the clock on his other two:

“Because I want to produce and create the best magic show out there, and I think that we’ve done that. I am perpetually empathetic. It’s a perpetual thing. I’m crazy. You know, I am always, always doing a million things. It’s been nutty. I’d been thinking of this since the mid 2000s. I wanted to create something that truly is not only original, but also revolutionary.”

How are you able to combine doing this show and still handle “Believe” at the Luxor?

In all three shows! We have “Believe” at the Luxor, which is coming up on its seventh anniversary on Sept. 28; we have the “Mindfreak Live Tour” that I do on my break; and now “The Supernaturalists.”

I have been basically working from about 7 in the morning to about 1 or 2 in the morning seven days a week for about a year trying to get everything together. I’ve been working on evolving and transforming the ideas I have for “The Supernaturalists,” which began in 2005. Now it’s finally come to fruition.

Is it possible to say which is the favorite of the three shows? Are they all totally different?

Right now, and I can honestly go on the record and say this because I really, truly believe this with every drop of blood in my body, “The Supernaturalists” is not only the best magic show out there, but it is a better magic show than my show that I perform in “Mindfreak Live.”

This is why: There are more magic, revolutionary concepts that I have been working on now forever. Nine incredibly talented and gifted artists in their respected disciplines from all over the world from South Africa to Colombia to Mexico to Spain, Paris to Alaska. They are the best of the best out there, world champions, and I have more incredible illusions in this show than any other show I’ve ever done. More original, revolutionary things I’ve ever done put together.

Not only an incredible cast, but also I have been able to work out deals where I am a spokesman for the company that illuminates the Super Bowl from projections to LEDs to lighting. They did a wonderful endorsement with me, and I’ll have stuff that they have that they haven’t even released yet.

Talk about a massive show, plus the state-of-the-art business stuff that hasn’t been released yet. All of the finest, greatest intelligent lighting. There is not one lighting in the show that is not moving or not LED.

Then there is the craziest pyrotechnic show. It’s all coming together. It’s creating a mind-blowing magic spectacle that I know I have never seen. All the people who came in when we were rehearsing were absolutely like, “This is the best magic show I have ever seen in my life.” So that was the feeling from the pacing of the show to the fact that there is something for everybody.

It’s sexy, it’s dangerous, it’s scary, it’s empowering. I’m very, very proud to have achieved this because of the amount of time I’ve been producing and directing stuff that this is a culmination of all my years coming together. I really, honestly, 1,000 percent believe that we have a great, great, great show.
Criss Angel in Times Square for Spike TV
Criss Angel in Times Square in New York for his Spike TV series “Believe.”
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Criss Angel Launches
Criss Angel launches at Bare Pool Lounge in the Mirage on Monday, Aug. 15, 2011.
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Criss Angel’s Birthday and 1,000th Believe Show
Criss Angel’s birthday and 1,000th Believe performance at the Luxor on Dec. 11, 2010.
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Do you run the risk of this being better than “Believe”?

Well, it is better than “Believe” when it comes to the illusions and the lighting. “Believe,” when it came out, was state of the art. This show is state of the art. It’s the illusions, the lighting, the LED, the structure of the show, the artists who are performing various disciplines throughout the experience that make it a family-oriented show that is diverse and eclectic and amazing.

“Believe” is still a spectacular show. It’s a sit-down show, while “The Supernaturalists” is a touring show. In a sit-down, you’re able to do different things that you can’t do with a touring show. At “Believe,” people come and they want an intimate evening with Criss Angel and see mind-blowing stuff that they’ve seen on TV or the Internet.

But “The Supernaturalists” is a little bit of everything put together into a unique family spectacle that nothing out there can compare. At most magic shows, you see the same trick performed by so many different people put together in an old-fashioned way, the poor man’s version of what I’ve already done on my two television series.

What happens if “The Supernaturalists” comes to Las Vegas?

Right now you know Cirque has been such an amazing partner, so has MGM Resorts in allowing me to the opportunity to create these outreach programs. Ultimately, it’s there to entertain people, but also to teach people about the “Believe” show. Because if they love “The Supernaturalists,” they’ll love the “Believe” show. And if they love “Mindfreak Live,” they’ll love “Believe.”

All roads point to “Believe” here at Luxor, and I have three more years on my contract. We’re going to make modifications to “Believe” and transformations to refresh the show. I am never happy with the show or any show I’ve ever done. So I am constantly, always changing things up, especially because we have a lot of repeat business.

“Believe” will continue to grow as a living organism and “Mindfreak” as will the “The Supernaturalists.” This is a really exciting time for me! Three major shows out there with the desire to reinvent magic and to own the magic stage like Cirque du Soleil did for the circus.

You groomed Krystyn, and she even does some of your illusions. It looks like you’re grooming this kid, Landon, to be a second Criss Angel.

The guys and gals really are stars in their own right. They will burn bright when people see what they’re capable of doing. I have been so blessed, as you know, Robin, with my career and personal life that goes beyond my wildest dreams. People have asked me, “Why am I doing this? Why don’t you just keep doing what you do and not share that spotlight because no other magician has done this before?”

Think about the facts and the history back in the day. No other magician would do this. It’s about creating and giving other people who are really talented the opportunity to shine and to reach their potential. It’s been an exciting process for me to see all of them, Krystyn, Landon, Adrian Vega, every single one of them step up, grow and evolve and transform.

I’ve been there every second even before they got to rehearsal and then am still there after they got to rehearsal working with them. Bringing in movement coaches, bringing in whoever we needed to bring in, including my own expertise, and directing them and working with them and creating their acts from scratch. They don’t want to do what’s been done before. Other magic acts out there have that old-time feel.

I didn’t want to do that. People expect more from the Criss Angel brand. I had to take Stefan’s act, and this guy is a champion card manipulator from Paris, France. He performed in “Crazy Horse” for 10 years. I said, “Let me see every card manipulation that you can do.” And I wrote them down, the ones that I thought were really, really good, and I created an act from scratch for him.

I put the music together, put the whole thing together, shot video for him, created the whole thing. He could have either sunk or swam, and this guy worked nonstop to do the impossible. When you see his act, you’ll see it is beautiful, poetic and intense. The character that he creates goes beyond magic. It is the magic of emotions.

We’ve got beyond the realm and really created an experience. This show is interwoven and takes you on this roller-coaster ride, and you never know where it’s gonna go next, but it is wildly entertaining, wildly exciting, and it will get people in a vibe that is uplifting and positive. They’ll walk out of there thinking they can conquer the world. Even during the intermission, I created original content so people can be entertained. It is literally a two-hour show that is nonstop.

How often will you appear in “The Supernaturalists” during the four-week run at Foxwoods?

I have created all original content that is interwoven throughout the experience. I’m basically hosting the show. On top of that, I will be joining in every performance via satellite feed. I will be doing something interactive right through the giant LED screens we will have throughout the stage and effecting people in the audience.

Additionally, I’m going to make surprise, unannounced appearances. People won’t know I will be there, and I’ll suddenly appear onstage to blow people’s minds. You never know when I’m going to appear, but I will be making random and surprise appearances.

So that means commuting, as well, from Las Vegas whenever you have the time?

It means commuting, it means doing whatever I have to do. People are like how is he going to do “Believe” as well as “The Supernaturalists”? We’ve come up with a device to allow me to do that, so you’ll be able to see me in both shows at the same time. How we do it must remain a mystery — even to you! Honestly, I am very, very excited about it.

Is there a possibility when it tours the country that it could hit Las Vegas?

I don’t think so right now. I don’t want to sound bold, but we’ve dominated the world in Las Vegas with the No. 1 show “Believe.” I’m not saying we will never come to Las Vegas, but for right now I want to focus on other areas. Originally, these shows are defined as an outreach program designed to educate people to come to Las Vegas and witness “Believe.”

So in each performance, there is a bit about “Believe” and how people can take advantage of an offer they can’t get anywhere else — “Believe” at the Luxor Las Vegas. We are going out and reaching people nationally and internationally. At this time, Las Vegas is not in that equation because I have a presence here that has already been very successful.

Is anybody telling you to slow down and stop working so hard?

Everybody is telling me that. When I was auditioning and meeting people, they were like, “Criss, I never would have thought that you would be at every single rehearsal and that you would be so hands on.” This is my creation, and my DNA is all over this, so if you’re a fan of Criss Angel, it is really an experience you have to have because you can see me all over it, yet you can see these individual artists and their unique qualities that they bring to the table — and yet the show is the star.

Will you finally admit that you’re a workaholic?

I guess I am. I think I’m beyond a workaholic. I think I’m obsessed. Absolutely and utterly obsessed. I immerse myself in this, and I am focused and excited for things to come.

Right now, we’re getting ready to announce the tour. They’re finalizing it. It will be announced in the coming weeks. We go out 2015 and 2016. Before the end of this year on a couple of my breaks, I will join the tour, as well as in 2016 on my breaks.

They don’t need me, though, because the show is already great! I’m so proud of it. I’ve been so fortunate.

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” fame has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past 15 years giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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Criss Angel’s ‘Supernaturalists’ the ‘standard bearer for a first-class touring ensemble magic show’

By Robin Leach (contact)

Monday, July 6, 2015 | 6:02 p.m.
‘The Supernaturalists’ By Criss Angel

I didn’t get to the Northeast to see any of the opening week of Criss Angel’s new show “The Supernaturalists” for its four-week, world-premiere run at Foxwoods resort casino in Connecticut.

But having seen its final Las Vegas rehearsals in his secret warehouse here, I’m not at all surprised at the overwhelming positive reactions to it. Criss has outdone himself yet again with the most mind-blowing magic spectacle that’s playing anywhere. It’s definitely 5 out of 5 stars. Brilliant!

Former Luxor and Mirage President Felix Rappaport, who now runs Foxwoods in Connecticut, told me: “In only one week after its world premiere at Foxwoods resort casino in Mashantucket, Conn., Criss Angel’s ‘The Supernaturalists’ has established itself as the standard bearer for a first-class touring ensemble magic show.

“With more tricks, magicians, music, excitement, thrills and laughs than any previous show, it’s the perfect show for the entire family. Having now premiered three of Criss Angel’s creations — Criss Angel’s ‘Believe’ at Luxor, Criss Angel “Mindfreak Live!’ at Foxwoods and now Criss Angel’s ‘The Supernaturalists,’ again at Foxwoods, I feel privileged to have worked with the greatest magician and illusionist on the planet who keeps expanding the boundaries of his art and craft — the one and only Criss Angel.

“Foxwoods has been one of the greatest entertainment capitals of the world since we opened our doors in 1992 — having played host to everyone from Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti to Diana Ross and Aerosmith.

“We can now add the name of the Greatest Magician of All Time — Criss Angel — who has chosen Foxwoods to debut two of his record-breaking magic-and-illusions extravaganzas — Criss Angel’s ‘Mindfreak Live!’ last winter and now Criss Angel’s ‘The Supernaturalists’ during our $25,000,000 Summer of Fun!”

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” fame has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past 15 years giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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Review: ‘The Supernaturalists’ is an outstanding new show by Criss Angel

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 29, 2015 in Entertainment
On June 28, Digital Journal had the pleasure to review Criss Angel’s new magic show, “The Supernaturalists” at the Foxwoods Resort Casino’s The Fox Theater.

Angel served as creator, director and executive producer of The Supernaturalists.

 “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. How are you doing this fine afternoon?” magician Criss Angel asked The Fox Theater audience, as he made his opening remarks for his new show. “I am so excited to have you a part of the process. Are you ready for ‘The Supernaturalists’?”

The production began with a witty and clever comedic set with Fifi and “The Great Maestro,” both of which are Angel’s sidekicks from such esteemed magic shows as “Mindfreak Live” and Believe.”

“How are you guys doing Foxwoods?” illusionist Landon Swank asked, prior to showing his prowess on illusions. Female magician Krystyn Lambert showcased her ability to taken on Criss Angel’s razor trick, and she nailed it. She was successful on Houdini’s strait-jacket escape and on Angel’s classic “metamorphosis,” the latter of which she performed with escape artist Spencer Horsman.

Banachek from South Africa was exceptional with his mentalism skills, and he was able to read several audience members’ minds, all of which he had never met before. Dog conjuror Johnny Dominguez from Colombia immediately broke into his impressive dog routines, while Stefan was the “Grandmaster” manipulator with his stellar techniques that involved card decks and sleight of hand, leaving the crowd in total awe.

Adrian Vega was spectacular on his “close up magic” that he performed in front of The Fox Theater audience. The most remarkable trick was Vegas being able to turn several one dollar bills into hundred dollar bills, and he accomplished this faster than the blink of an eye.

“Submerge” was exhilarating to watch, since Spencer Horsman was able to complete his water escape in 3 minutes and 43 seconds. The audience was at the edge of their seats during this escape, and Horsman proved to be stronger than ever.

Following a 10 minute intermission, The Supernaturalists resumed for the ensemble part of the show, which was just as noteworthy as the first act.

“Are you guys ready for the second half of the show?” Swank asked.

Banachek was able to correctly predict three different items from the three audience members, and his prediction was locked up in a chest, which was lowered from the ceiling for the audience to see, and it read “Jimmy, Bristol and 4″ in that correct order.

One of the female magic assistants was subsequently sawn in half, with a gigantic electrical saw, in one of the most grotesque scenes of the production, yet the fans were warned for anybody who was squeamish not to watch. “We sure go through a lot of girls like that,” Swank said, jokingly.

Their show closed with a breathtaking version of “Enigma,” which involved illusionist Landon Swank, Fifi and Spencer Horsman.

The Verdict

Overall, The Supernaturalists is a tremendous magic show that should be experienced by the entire family. It is a substantial indication that Criss Angel gets better with each and every show that he creates and produces, and his all-star cast of magicians is second to none. It was a superb, grand scale magic production from start to finish, and it allowed all nine magicians to shine in their solo routines and in their ensemble segment. It garnered an A+ rating and earned a standing ovation from The Fox Theater crowd.

For more information on this incredible new magic show, check out its official homepage.

Criss Angel breaks ticket sales record with his new show ‘The Supernaturalists’

During the week of July 25, 2015, world renowned magician Criss Angel has a major milestone to celebrate. He announced to his fans and followers that his latest magic show, “The Supernaturalists,” has set a new record thanks to its commercial success with ticket sales. It took place at The Fox Theater at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Angel served as the creator, executive producer and director of “The Supernaturalists,” which was well-received by Examiner.

On its official Facebook page, it was revealed that “The Supernaturalists” sold over 40,000 tickets, and it is subsequently the “most successful ensemble magic show premiere in history.” The line-up of magicians includes illusionist Landon Swank, the “femme fatale”female magician Krystyn Lambert, mentalist Banachek, American escape artist Spencer Horsman, French manipulator Stefan Vanel, Spanish street magician Adrian Vega, dog conjuror Johnny Dominguez, as well as Angel’s assistants from his “Believe” shows at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas: “The Great Maestro” and “Fifi.”

This all-star cast of magicians performed some of Angel’s most impressive illusions such as a levitation and “Enigma” conducted by Swank, the “metamorphosis” (featuring Lambert and Horsman) and “Submerged” by Horsman, as well as close-up magic (done by Vega), a dog conjuring act by Dominguez, a mind-reading exercise and predictions by Banacheck, card manipulation tricks by Vanel, among many others. “The Great Maestro” and “Fifi” provided comedic relief throughout the different tricks and demonstrations. For more information on Criss Angel’s newest production, “The Supernaturalists,” be sure to check out its official website.






On the eve of the 88th anniversary of Houdini’s death (Halloween, October 31), Criss Angel unveils his latest creation: The SUPERNATURALISTS™, featuring 8 mind-blowing magicians that destroy reality and revolutionize the live magic ensemble experience. Premiering June 2015 at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, The SUPERNATURALISTS will launch with a three-week run, before continuing on as a national and world tour (additional cities and dates will be announced in the coming months).

Criss Angel explains his motivation for The SUPERNATURALISTS: “While there are other ensemble shows out there, performing many of the same illusions that have been around for years, my goal is to redefine magic touring like Cirque du Soleil did for the Circus. I’ve scoured the globe for the very best performers, each in their respected disciplines, and our lineup is historic.”

The unprecedented world-class cast includes a variety of magicians from around the globe:

“The Illusionist” Brett Daniels (U.S.): Honored as Magician Of The Year and two-time Entertainer Of The Year, Daniels has starred in more than a dozen network magic TV specials. “I’m not only honored to be working with the most successful magician on planet earth but I’m excited about this show,” Brett says. “This show will redefine magic touring as we know it and–trust me, as creator of some of the current magic shows on the road–The SUPERNATURALISTS™ will be unlike any magic touring show ever produced.”

“The Mystfier” Cosentino (Australia): The most successful magician from his country, he was awarded International Magician Of The Year and is the creator and star of four of his own mega-hit rated primetime magic TV specials. He was the winner of Dancing With The Stars and second place in Australia’s Got Talent. “I’ve been courted by other ensemble magic shows in the past, but declined since I’ve been selling out my own national tours for years,” Cosentino adds. “I’m thrilled to be a part of Criss’ peerless creative vision, this incredible cast and what’s in store – it’s light years beyond what we know in magic. It’s genius.”

“The Mentalist” Banachek (South Africa): Lifetime Achievement award recipient, two time Entertainer Of The Year, he was also awarded Outstanding Contribution To The World Of Mentalism. Banacheck is the only man to fool scientists with the power of his mind; he is known by his peers as the greatest mentalist alive, and is the author of eight best-selling magic/mentalism books.

“The Street Magician Phenom” Adrian Vega (Spain): The only first place winner in both the categories of close-up and stage magic in the Cordoba magic competition and winner of the Spanish Championship Of Close-Up magic. He has been awarded Spanish Magician Of The Year by his peers and received a special Award Of Merit in London.

“The Femme Fatale Of Legerdemain” Krystyn (U.S.): Leading magic’s female revolution, she has dominated the field on stage and on camera, was featured in Teen Vogue, on the Today Show and in 10 episodes of the Criss Angel BeLIEve television series. Krystyn has been awarded World Teen Magician, placed second on America’s Most Talented Kids, has been honored by the Magic Castle with the Junior Achievement Award and starred in the documentary “Make Believe” – an award winning film.

“The Dog Whisperer Of Magic” Johnny (Columbia): One of the most original and in-demand acts out there, he has been awarded Best Showman Of Columbia two times and has performed in circuses around the world for over 30 years. His love for animals and uncanny ability to understand their behavior has resulted in the most unbelievable magic act and the ONLY one in the world of its kind

And last–but not least–physical comedy master “The Joker” The Great Maestro (Mexico): Kung Fu World Champion and co-star of over twenty five hundred performances of Criss Angel BeLIEve LIVE at the Luxor in Las Vegas, he has appeared in numerous episodes of both the MINDFREAK and BeLIEve television series, and continues with his hilarious live performances in Vegas while performing on tour in The SUPERNATURALISTS™…with the use of a teleportation device…

The mind-blowing The SUPERNATURALISTS™ will destroy reality. “I’ve been working on this concept for many years and I know my co-producer Brett Daniels has as well,” Criss reveals. “We are resolute in our mission to bring to the stage a truly revolutionary theatrical experience of magic unlike anything that has ever been seen before.”

And lastly, Criss Angel will be joining the cast himself…virtually! Says Angel, “In addition to being a part of each performance via LIvE video feed from Las Vegas, I will be making myself available to the media and will make surprise, unannounced appearances in The SUPERNATURALISTS™ — its gonna be a blast!”

For an exclusive behind the scenes peek from the cast of The SUPERNATURALISTS™ go to

About Criss Angel:
For over a decade, Criss Angel has dominated the world of magic as the biggest name on the planet. His visionary approach to the art escapes the confines of tradition and has given birth to a new breed of modern mysticism. From his role as star, creator, Executive Producer and Director of his hugely successful A&E television series Criss Angel MINDFREAK, to his countless television specials, books, retail products, music CD’s and more – Criss has redefined magic for the 21st century.

Prior to the premiere of The SUPERNATURALISTS™ in 2015, Angel will also unveil his second production– featuring his first performances outside of Las Vegas in more than six years–with MINDFREAK® Live! The show premieres in November 2014 (six shows) at the Foxwoods Casino Resort (MINDFREAK LIVE! Tickets), returns in January 2015 for a two week tour of the east coast, and then continues on internationally with performances in Dubai. Ticket holders for these shows can expect to witness 90 minutes of the most spectacular original illusions ever performed–woven with a cast of multi-talented artists, original music, lighting, special effects and so much more–in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All the while, Angel will continue his wildly successful residency show–which began in 2008 in partnership with Cirque du Soleil, Criss Angel BeLIEve–as the show celebrates its 6th anniversary this Halloween. BeLIEve performs nightly Tuesday through Saturday (eight-ten shows per week) at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Criss’ partnership with Cirque du Soleil and MGM Resorts International (he serves as writer/director, illusion designer and star) has resulted in it being the #1 best-selling live magic show in the world since its opening, and has had over 2400 performances. The Huffington Post’s Lee Speigel calls it “The Magic Event of a Lifetime.”

His acclaimed series MINDFREAK on A&E is the most successful magic show in television history, resulting in more hours of magic during prime time than any other magic show ever! Angel’s most recent series, Criss Angel BeLIEve, premiered on Spike on October 15, 2013 as Spike TV’s most-watched original series premiere in over 18 months. In November 2013 Endemol, the world’s largest independent production and distribution company, announced that it had acquired the international television distribution rights (outside of North America) to the series, and now the show is seen in over 100 countries worldwide.

Angel is also the most watched magician in Internet history – a YouTube sensation. His “Walk on Water” clip has generated over 50 million views alone, and all of his clips combined have generated more than 300 million views. Criss also has the largest social media following of any illusionist, with 6 million followers.