On the eve of the 88th anniversary of Houdini’s death (Halloween 2014), Criss Angel unveiled his latest creation: The SUPERNATURALISTS™, 9 Mind-Blowing Magic!ans that Destroy Reality and revolutionize the live magic experience. “I’ve scoured the globe for the very best performers, each in their respected disciplines, and our lineup is historic.”—Criss Angel

The unprecedented world-class cast includes a variety of magicians from around the globe:

“The Illusionist” Landon Swank (U.S.)
“The Femme Fatale Of Legerdemain” Krystyn (U.S.)
“The Mentalist” Banachek (South Africa)
“The Manipulator” Stefan Vanel (France)
“The Street Magician” Adrian Vega (Spain)
“The Dog Conjuror” Johnny Dominguez (Colombia)
“The Joker” The Great Maestro (Mexico)
“The Joker” FiFi (U.S.V.I)

The mind-blowing The SUPERNATURALISTS™ will destroy reality. “I’ve been working on this concept for many years,” Criss reveals. “I’m resolute in my mission to bring to the stage a truly revolutionary theatrical magic experience unlike anything that has ever been seen before and with a production level that is state of the art – first class plus”

And lastly, Criss Angel will be joining the cast himself . . . .Virtually! Angel explains, “In addition to being a part of each performance via LivE video feed from Las Vegas, I will be making surprise, unannounced appearances in The SUPERNATURALISTS™ — it’s going to be a blast!”

Witness the impossible! The greatest illusions ever performed by the #1 magic phenoms in the world!